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ALFFA partners participate to the Global Learning XPRIZE

ALFFA partners participate to the Global Learning XPRIZE: The project is participating in a competition called Global Learning XPRIZE: The solutions will be delivered to XPRIZE for judging November 2016. Then there will be a 6-month judging period, and the

SLTU 2016 Panel Discussion

During SLTU 2016 workshop in Indonesia, various institutions that have been working on under-resourced languages came and sat together to discuss the “Future of Under-Resourced Languages”. The SLTU 2016_Panelist List as well as the slides presented there are gathered on this

Laurent Besacier in the ELRA Workgroup on Less-Resourced Languages (LRL) Technical Committee.

Laurent Besacier is now in the ELRA Workgroup on Less-Resourced Languages (LRL) Technical Committee. The ELRA Workgroup on Less-Resourced Languages (LRL) intends to bring together a number of professionals involved in the development of language resources and technologies for less-resourced

ALFFA ASR Resources now mirrored on OpenSLR

ALFFA ASR Resources are now mirrored on OpenSLR. OpenSLR is a site devoted to hosting speech and language resources, such as training corpora for speech recognition, and software related to speech recognition. OpenSLR is an initiative from John Hopkins University

LIG organizes TALAF 2016 Workshop TALAf workshops take place every two years. The first workshop was held during the JEP-TALN-RÉCITAL 2012 conference on June 8, 2012 in Grenoble (see proceedings: The second one took place during the TALN 2014 conference on July 1,

Kaldi-based ASR system for Wolof now available to the public

All the data and scripts to build a complete ASR system for Wolof (based on Kaldi toolkit) is made available to the public on GitHub. Wolof repository is composed of the kaldi recipes + ressources (the transcribed speech corpus with audio,

SLTU 2016 paper is now online

This paper deals with ASR for two languages: Hausa and Wolof. Their common characteristic is to appear with vowel length contrast. In other words, two versions (short / long) of a same vowel exist in the phoneme inventory of the

LREC 2016 paper on ALFFA is now online

This article presents the data collected and ASR systems developped for 4 sub-saharan african languages (Swahili, Hausa, Amharic and Wolof). To illustrate our methodology, the focus is made on Wolof (a very under-resourced language) for which we designed the first

Interspeech 2016 Special Session

Sub-Saharan African languages : from speech fundamentals to applications Organizers Martine Adda-Decker1 ( – CNRS – LPP and LIMSI, France. Laurent Besacier2 ( – Univ. Grenoble-Alpes, France – LIG laboratory. Marelie Davel3 ( – North-West University, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. Larry Hyman4

Next ALFFA meeting on 26 jan 2016 in Grenoble

Next ALFFA meeting will be held on 26 jan 2016 in Grenoble… Schedule (in French) 9h-9h30 Accueil/Café 9h30-10h Retour sur évaluation mi-parcours ANR & aspect contractuels éventuels 10h-12h Bilan activités par partenaire LIG, VOX, DDL, LIA 12h-13h Repas (plateaux) 13h-14h Objectifs à court