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ALFFA project is funded by ANR (BLANC project) for the period 2013-2017.

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!! ALFFA is now finished ! Click HERE to read the final project report !!

Today is very favorable to the development of a market for speech in African languages. People’s access to ICT is done mainly through mobile (and keyboard) and the need for voice services can be found in all sectors, from higher priority (health, food) to more fun (games, social media). For this, overcoming the language barrier is needed and this is what we propose in this project where two main aspects are involved: fundamentals of speech analysis (language phonetic and linguistic description, dialectology) and speech technologies (ASR and TTS) for African languages

In the project, developed ASR and TTS technologies will be used to build micro speech services for mobile phones in Africa.

 contact: laurent_dot_besacier 

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